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Cars That I Hate

pontiac aztek: This is the most disgusting vehicle I have ever seen. The interior is as hideous as the exterior, but at least it is made out of 100% recycled milk jugs. Any owner of this minivan should feel too embarassed to leave the garage.
PT Cruiser: This vehicle is not as ugly as the aztek, but it is definately close. Can anybody tell me if it is a minivan, an SUV, or a car? I have no clue. Additionally, the "retro" look that Chrysler attempted to acheive has failed miserably: what muscle car has plastic bumpers? None. It's not even good for getting groceries. What I can't believe is that people buy "mods" for this vehicle, and think it is fast. I am sorry, but flame decals, rims, and Borla exhaust do not make a vehicle fast.
Prowler: This car attempts to capture the look of a custom street rod. It's too bad that the fenders are plastic, and that it has a 3.5 liter V6 engine. It also sucks, for it has an automatic transmission, less horsepower than a 2 liter Honda S2000, and has a miserable 0-60 MPH of 7 seconds. If you think your a badass for driving this, you're actually just a rube. I am ashamed to live in Detroit, where this vehicle is designed and produced.
1981 Corvette: I hate when people with 1980's Corvettes think they are all badass. Just to let you all know, loud exhaust does not mean that the car is fast, as is the case with many of these Corvettes that I see (girls don't like it either). Even if you make it fast, it was still made in the 80's, and you still have a mullet. 1980's Corvettes too closely resemble the Pontiac Fierro, which is not something good to be associated with.

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