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Matt Stich's 1994 Toyota Camry

Audio/Video System Features:

-Alpine CVA-1005
-Alpine 12 Disc CD Changer
-Crossfire Amplifiers (2)
-JL Audio 6.5" 2-Way Components (Front)
-JL Audio 6x9 3-Way Speakers (Rear)
-Kicker Competition VR 18" Subwoofer
-Sony Playstation 2

SALE: Both amplfiers and the Alpine screen and CD changer are for sale! Email Matt for pricing.




Installation Pictures





Installation of the Two Crossfire amplifiers on the back of the rear seats


The Alpine CD changer fit nicely into the center console. Notice the small button on the front of the console, which is hooked to the brake light's power wire, and is utilized to override the parking brake safty feature of the Alpine CVA-1005.


The Sony Playstation 2 is mounted underneath the passanger's seat, and so is its DC to AC power supply. The DC power wire for the power supply is connected to the power wire of the Alpine CVA-1005, so the Playstation automatically turns off with the radio/CD player. The Alpine CVA-1005's parking brake security is overridden by a swith/relay kit that is wired to the parking brake power wire, and to a switch in the center console.


The JL Audio 6.5" component set is installed up front, and the tweeter can be seen here. The crossovers are mounted inside of the glove box. A pair of JL Audio 6x9" 3-way speakers are mounted in the rear of the car as well. These speakers are all powered by a Crossfire 4-Channel amplifier that provides 100 Watts per channel.






:: More Pictures/Info to Come ::

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